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Welcome to Combs Law

Experience results in solutions to your legal problems. That is the reason the nickname for Todd Combs is, "the solutions lawyer". The firm provides a full array of services to meet your needs and to find answers to your problems. We are located in Mooresville, North Carolina but serve all of the Lake Norman community and surrounding counties. We've also worked extensively in the Triad region and in much of Charlotte. No matter how large or how small your case, Todd has extensive legal knowledge and can lead you in the right direction. He treats everyone fairly and is very friendly and empathetic to the challenges you face in life.

Todd has always lived by the golden rule and is guided by a strict set of ethics in his professional life and family life. You can expect complete trust and professionalism when working with your lawyer Todd Combs. He always puts your needs as a priority, and is ready to handle any legal need in the most efficient and wise manner.

We are located at
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